Bayou Meto Land and Leasing Company
EST. 2010

Lodge & Hunt pricing

Description Price
Lodging during hunting season $195 per night
Lodging during off season $180 per night
Lodging for the entire season $15,000 per season
Description Price
Duck Hunts
Self guided, day lease, duck hunts $450 per day
Guided morning hunt $185 per person
Guided evening hunt $125 per person
Guided a.m. and p.m. duck hunt combo $310 per person
Goose Hunts
Morning guided goose hunt $250 per person
Morning guided goose hunt with lodging $285 per person, per night
Guided a.m. duck hunt with pm guided goose hunt combo $385 per person
Deer Hunts
Self guided day hunt $200 per person
2-day guided hunt with lodging included $950 per person
Coon Hunts
Includes lodging, dogs, skinning and packaging $350 per person
Squirrel Hunts
A.M. Hunt only $200 per person
P.M. Hunt only $150 per person
Lodging for squirrel hunts + $100 per person
Bull Frog Hunts
Includes lodging $350 per person
Guided Fishing Trips
Includes lodging $250 per person

* Lodging for non-hunting guests is $50 per person

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