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Arkansas Hunting

The old Arkansas state motto, Land of Opportunity, is especially true for hunters because The Natural State is well populated by a wide variety of Arkansas wildlife found on several million acres of public lands. The Bayou Meto area is no exception. The eastern side of the state has herds of deer, plentiful squirrels, turkey, hogs and other prized game. Arkansas’ Bayou Meto WMA and surrounding area is also unparalleled for duck hunting along the famous Mississippi Flyway! For Arkansas hunting seasons, regulations, licenses, permits and guides, visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Bayou Meto Land and Leasing Co. can accommodate the avid hunter on many levels. We offer both guided and non-guided (or self-guided) hunting opportunities for a single day or multiple days. We have 3 comfortably accommodating lodges for those multiple day hunts, or you may also lease them for the season. If having your own hunting tract is for you, we have both field and timber properties available for lease on a season basis.

Arkansas duck hunting

Duck Hunting

Hunting the millions of ducks who call Bayou Meto their winter home is by far the most popular hunts in our area. We have some of the most ideal locations and strategically placed blinds to make your hunt an unbelievable success. If you know the area and do not need guide services, you may hunt our properties on a self-guided basis.

Guided hunts can be the best way to get to the right spot at the right time. We have hunting guide services available provided by Jordan Givens.

Arkansas goose hunting

Goose Hunting

Driving through Eastern Arkansas in Winter/Spring you may happen upon a field that may appear to be unharvested cotton, or a large snow patch. After a double take you will realize it is a sea of feeding Snow Geese blanketing the landscape. Northeastern Arkansas is dominated by rice fields and winter wheat which draws in the migrating snow geese who will fuel up to make that next jump as they migrate north each spring. Guided goose hunts are extremely popular and Bayou Meto Land and Lease Co. is ideally located to provide a goose hunting experience of a lifetime.

Our guided goose hunts on our 100 acre dry cut rice field are provided by Jordan Givens.

Arkansas deer hunting

Deer Hunting

Hunting White Tail Deer in Arkansas is legendary. Deer Hunters in Arkansas bag around 200,000 per season, with some areas boasting up to 9 deer per square mile being taken. Bayou Meto Land and Leasing Co.’s 200 acres of prime hardwood on the Arkansas River have large deer numbers and hunts are quite successful. We provide the opportunity for self-guided and guided hunts.

South Dakota Hunts

Water Fowl • Pheasant • Big Game

Bayou Meto Land & Leasing Co. is proud to be able to offer a South Dakota hunting experience that stands apart from any other! South Dakota is a wildlife Mecca (the pheasant capital of the world) and the James River Valley is rich in wild game. Upland game consists of pheasant, Hungarian partridge, dove, and Sharptail grouse. South Dakota Hunting Waterfowl hunting is available, including eight species of duck, Giant Canadian geese, snows and blues. During our sharptail hunts we always settle in on a few prairie dogs! Big game hunts include pronghorn antelope, white tail and mule deer, Elk and the Great American Bison!

Lodging is provided in country style. Home cooked dinners will be served each evening, followed by relaxing by the fireplace, big screen TV or at the mancave, Where you will relax at the bar with your favorite refreshment, a game of pool, cards, big screen TV! Enjoy the hot tub before retiring to your room for the night.

10% discount on a Bayou Meto hunt when you book a South Dakota hunt at the same time!

Arkansas coon hunting

Coon Hunts

There isn't much that matches the thrill of a night time coon hunt. The dogs are baying in the distance as you swap stories with your hunting friends, then the tone of the distant call changes and the sprint is on. You know that your dog has one waiting for you in a tree. Bayou Meto is a great place for the rush of a good coon hunt, and Bayou Meto Land and Leasing Co. provides guided coon hunts! Our coon hunting hunt includes lodging, dogs, skinning and packaging.

Arkansas frog hunting

Bullfrog Guided Hunts

Bayou Meto Land and Leasing Co. also offers an opportunity for a guided bullfrog hunt. The package includes a night's lodging.

In addition to our premium hunting experiences, Bayou Meto Land & Leasing Co. offers guided fishing trips on our stocked resevoir.


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